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GORE-TEX technology is designed to keep feet dry in all seasons, by offering at the same time an incomparable experience of breathability and comfort.



High performance rubber soles to meet the demands of reliability and performance, providing strength and stability on the track.

Boa® Fit System


The Boa® Fit System delivers a perfect fit with the simple turn of a dial, free of the stretch, weight, and hassles of old-fashioned closures. Enjoy a significantly improved level of fit and comfort along with durability, light weight, fast and convenient operation, and on-the-fly adjustment.

sbx system

sbx system

Tpu stabilizer provides a high protection of the ankle and ensures perfect balance control while walking in challenging environments.


PU compound system. The midsole is made of the special microcell compound Esolight 1.0 that provides an excellent energy absorption. Esolight 1.0 provides a correct distribution of the body weight and impacts during walking, thus reducing the stress on the joints. The outsole is made of the Esolight 2.0 compound, for high durability and slip resistance.



Special moulding technology to obtain the Esolight compound, with high abrasion resistance. This process allous to get an exceptionally lighter and tinner outsole, thus giving an excellent flexibility.



Only our best full grain leathers, carefully selected according to their breathability and water resistance, are used on our GORE-TEX line. Conformity test is extremely severe: a small cut of leather, half dip in water for 2 hours, can not drag water more than 10 mm towards the dry area.



Pezzol has developed together with premium leather companies a innovative tanning process that provides strength and softness, while the special finishing method allows high resistance to abrasion without reducing breathability.



Full grain leather with high water repellence properties. The tanning method with mineral salts provides excellent softness and mechanical resistance, thus obtaining high breathability and greater resistance to oils and hydrocarbons.


The natural structure of the leather is optimized by tanning them in barrels with mineral salts and oils which give the fibres greater firmness and guarantees excellent abrasion resistance. A natural softness with extreme breathability and a standard water resistence is the main trait of this component.



Extremely breathable, the microfiber is composed of a weave of nylon fibers with a thickness lower than a human hair, combined with polyurethane for coagulation in order to give characteristics very similar to those of real leather. It does not age and maintains its characteristics over time. It is also lighter than about a third of the skin, maintaining high tensile strength, tearing and bending.



X-Leather as a material finished with a multi-layer of polyurethane compound. High water and oil resistance. Ultimate abrasion features.



Design and color of a technical textile, with the support of a strong, durable and extremely breathable microfiber. A strongly innovative material that gives Pezzol shoes sporty look and high performances, comparable to leather in terms of tear resistance and overall comfort.


Latest technologies in high tenacity nylon weaving. A specially engineered fiber compose a one-piece upper, with different textures for different functional areas. Extremely flexible, breathable, resistant to tearing and abrasion.



Seamless technology to bind different materials of the upper without any stitching, but with a high-frequency welding. Bonding on entire overlapped surfaces. This process makes possible to use different materials like PU or MicroTech for bonding them to a breathable fabric mesh, thus giving in a single piece different areas of functionality: breathability where there's mesh, protection where there's PU film or Microtech. And all with a sporty look.


Lightweight and slimline for outstanding thermal insulation and top-comfort. Thinsulate® also keeps the foot warm in damp or wet conditions with superior active- breathing performance. Available in 200/400/600 grams.



Cambrelle® is a superior non-woven synthetic fabric made with a fibre specially engineered through a process which spins two types of nylon together. This gives an extremely high absorption rate and excellent breathability.


High performance tight-knit three-dimensional structure textile gives an exceptional comfort, keeps the feet dry and guarantees a long lasting endurance.



High mechanical performance in a lightweight component conform to EN 12568 standards. Comfortable asymmetric design. It is completely non-magnetic.


High mechanical performance in a lightweight component conform to EN 12568 standards. Sporty and comfortable design. It is completely non-magnetic.


Polymeric toecap, resisting up to 200 joules according to the EN20345 standards. The use of polymeric compound provides high performance protection which is completely non-magnetic and very light.


The asymmetric shape of the toe cap reflects the shape of the front part of the foot, to ensure maximum protection and comfort, especially during flexion of the toes during walking. Mondopoint 12 wide fit.



The stainless steel toe cap provides protective performance higher than those required by the standard EN 20345. Corrosion resistance treatments ensure a constant protection and long lasting.


The latest textile multi-layer midsole conform to the new EN 12568 standard. Txzero ensures a higher level of safety by keeping a high comfort and flexibility. Antistatic, non-magnetic, thermal insulated.


Inox stainless steel midsole is painted with a special resin that allows maximum chemical compatibility with polyurethane. This improves the adhesion between midsole and polyurethane.