Pezzol Industries is an Italian company universally recognized for its manufacturing excellence of ‘Made in Italy’ work shoes for professional use; the company is also praised as leaders in great design and technical innovation, with full awareness of the international standards and their future developments.

Pezzol Industries was born in the 50s in Barletta – Italy, from an intuition of its founder Giuseppe Piazzolla.

The initial artisan dimension soon changed and starting from the sixties it took on the features and proportions of an industrial site. The next step was taken by his sons Ruggiero and Michele: from 1971 they assumed the reins of the company; in the same year they moved the plant to via Trani 107, still the current headquarters of the company. From that moment the process of growth and expansion towards the international markets began.

Nowadays the company represents one of the most prestigious and appreciated brands in the field of work footwear, a brand sustained by a prominent background and by a masterly combination of tradition and technology entirely “made in Italy”.

We at Pezzol Industries consider innovation as the key factor to constantly improve the quality of our products; our vision is to design and “manufacture” quality, light and comfortable products always at the technological forefront in the field of work shoes.

That’s why Pezzol Industries identity is the “Made in Italy” mark, the inseparable fusion of tradition and innovation: the know-how of craftsmen who can refine a product generated from the most advanced technologies.

To this high level of know-how is added an accurate research of materials and technological solutions aiming ideally at excellence and involving all the company departments with passion and enthusiasm.

Still today Pezzol Industries keep the “headquarters” in Barletta, and in the meantime the site has been expanded to adapt the production and logistics processes to the current market needs.

Here we gather all the skills of the creative chain, from prototyping to engineering, from production to logistics.

The story of the family keeps going on. The commitment, passion and enthusiasm in building up the company with a long-term sight has enabled it to be successful over 70 years. Characterized even today by the third manager generation: Giuseppe and Michele who have been determining the company strategies for over 20 years and have taken up the digital and multi-cultural challenges of the modern world.



Pezzol Industries is a company that produces high quality shoes for any work environment.

Pezzol believes in the Italian industry model that combines design and innovation with advanced industrial processes and ecological sustainability. Our work is nourished with passion and courage, strength and competence. We pursue the long-term partnership with those customers who believe in our products and constantly support them in terms of safety regulations.


The strategy of Pezzol Industries is oriented towards simplification and optimization of the production process and is based on a diffused quality control system that guarantee the full reliability of the final product.

As a matter of fact, the company was among the first ones in this sector to obtain ISO 9001 accreditation for Total Quality Management System and to introduce an Environmental Management System according to the ISO 14001 standards.

In addition, at the end of the year 2018 Pezzol Industries obtained the Social Accountability Management System SA 8000, making them the first shoe company in Puglia to adopt this ethical certification.

Pezzol Industries: a global brand to safety shoes consumers.

Pezzol management team is involved actively to implement new technological processes and customer- oriented solutions.

The products by Pezzol Industries are tested and engineered according to the current international norms.

We use certified materials, check their performances and only select those that can be integrated into the design projects, according to the requirements of the specific working environment.

The processes of product engineering constantly tend to overcome the minimum requirements of the current norm, aiming at obtaining higher performance values to meet the expectations of very demanding customers.




The consumers' expectations and their requests represent further challenges to the shoe industry.

Quick answers, shorter lead times and perfect quality are required in the current market.

Here in Pezzol Industries there is no chance for uncertainty: speed in reacting to requests and high technology application makes for consumer satisfaction.

The guarantee of quality is a full commitment to our customers.

Our mission is at the basis of our work and consists in providing products of excellent quality. We have therefore heavily invested in a most advanced internal laboratory, entirely equipped with the latest machinery by Satra and other relevant suppliers.

The activity of our lab is focused on three different tasks:

- Product development: check-activity about the full compliance of the latest developments from our R&D to the reference norm

- Raw materials: check on raw materials and on shoe components according to our quality standards, before sending them for production.

- Finished product: general check of the footwear performance prior to the sale.

Making tests on materials and components as well as on the finished footwear, guarantees the product compliance to the safety standards; moreover, it contributes to re-evaluate the shoe performance and to improve its quality. In view of this the customer's loyalty and satisfaction are strengthened.

Here follows a selected list of tests made internally:

- Impact resistance test: a weight falls over the area of the protective toe of the footwear

- Compression test: it measures the capacity of the shoe to protect the toe area of the foot against constant compressive loads

- Puncture resistance: it is tested using a nail forcibly introduced into the sole of the shoe

- Electrical resistance

- Water resistance

- Performance in cold environments

- Tearing, abrasion, flexion resistance and breathability of upper materials

- Stitching analysis

- ESD conformity

- Gore centrifuge test

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We also have some tests made by independent testing institutes, like the test on the metatarsal protection; it measures the capacity of the shoe to protect the upper and toe areas of the foot.

We work in collaboration with internationally accredited institutes in the field of shoe manufacturing, like Satra, Cimac, PFI.

A manual for quality check, a quality system training for the laboratory and the regular calibration of the machinery represent a guarantee for the laboratory efficiency and reliability.

The Pezzol Industries Lab guarantees that the reliable tests are carried out at source and that the products meet or even exceed the relevant standards.


Pezzol Industries has always been sensitive to the sustainability of their production processes and decided to act pro-actively to safeguard the environment by aiming to go above and beyond the legal requirements.

Day by day the management team conveys these principles to the whole staff and like a compact team they play together to reach two main goals:

- to reduce gradually the resources employed in the phase of product development, as well as in the subsequent phases of production, storage and transport;

- to control and abate the impact to the environment of the production area.