1- All general and fiscal data transmitted by the Buyer are deemed to be correct, under Buyer’s complete responsibility, failing Buyer’s written advice to the contraty; these data will be used by Pezzol Industries srl for the fiscal and book-keeping obligations to the effect of the laws in force: art.10 Law 675/1996 and art. 13 D.Leg. 196/2003.

a-All orders proposals passed on to Pezzol Industries srl either directly or through its agents, are deemed to be valid only if Pezzol Industries srl accepted and confirmed them. After 7 days from the reception of the order confirmations, the possible variations contained in it, by comparison with the orders’ proposals, are deemed to be accepted by the Buyer.

2- Any amendments or any partial or complete cancellations of this order will be accepted only if they are requested within 7 days from the date of reception of the order confirmation.

3- Pezzol Industries srl reserves the right from time to time to effect non pejorative changes in any Products for technical reasons.

4- Pezzol Industries srl reserves the right from time to time to effect changes in the confirmed prices of orders in progress, as a result of higher prices of raw materials, handicraft work, special contributions, or services connected with the production and delivery of the goods.

5- Delivery dates requested on the order sheet from the Buyer are deemed to be by way of indication only. After 7 days from the receipt of the order confirmation, the delivery dates indicated on it are deemed to be accepted from the Buyer. Such term is anyway assumed from Pezzol Industries srl, unless any consequence of events which can disturb the production schedule, such as strikes, riots and insurrections, fires, floods, politic troubles, any Authority provisions, machinery breakages, transport impediments or slackening, lack or interruption of eletric energy, lack of raw materials, new burdens, may reduce or delay the supply of raw materials or may get the agreed conditions worse. In all these cases, the delivery terms and the tolerance stated in point 7, are deemed to be delayed to Pezzol Industries srl favour.

6- Late deliveries until 30 working days of delay from the confirmed latest delivery date may not in any case give rise to claims Pezzol Industries srl will accept the cancellation of the order only if, after said terms, the Buyer will give written advice by registered letter, and cancellation will be valid from the moment Pezzol Industries srl will be informed.

7- The goods travel at Buyer’s risk, even if it has been shipped carriage free. It’s up to the Buyer to assert his rights towards, the courier/forwarder in case of loss, demage, delay, etc.

8- The goods are always to be considered delivered by the collection made from the Buyer or by a courier/forwarder.

9- On reception of the goods, the Buyer has to check the conditions, the quantity and quality of the goods: after 8 days from the reception of the goods, no claim will be accepted. Buyer’s claims have to be forwarded to Pezzol Industries srl by written notice together with relevant documents and proofs and they will be accepted only for goods on their original conditions. In case of Buyer’s claim, under no circumstance Pezzol Industries srl will be responsible, in any form of compensation for damages Pezzol Industries srl reserves the right to accept the return of the faulty goods if the claim has been made in the foreseen terms. Any complaints do not allow the Buyer to delay the payments of overdue invoices or invoices falling due and the Buyer will not take any legal proceedings against Pezzol Industries srl before having settled the pertinent invoices.

10- Returns of goods will be accepted only if previously authorised by written notice from Pezzol Industries srl and despatched carriage free: returns have to be accompanied by a packing list, indicating Pezzol Industries srl invoice number. Pezzol Industries srl reserves the right to check the quantity and quality of the returned goods by comparison with Buyer’s packing list.

11- The delivered goods are of Pezzol Industries srl property until goods have completely been paid, here included the good result of cheques, drafts, etc.

12- All payments have to be effected at Pezzol Industries srl seat. In case of delayed payments, an interest will be applied running from the expire date of the invoice, in application of the CEE Law dated 2002-art. 5 D.L. 231/2002.

13- Pezzol Industries srl has the right to cancel any order in progress or rescind any agreement whether in its final judgement the solvency warranty of its customers will result decreased or missing, at that time Pezzol Industries srl reserves the right to suspend deliveries without notice to the Buyer, in case of missing or not complete payment.

14-The possible discount stated in the order sheets will be applied only if the agreed payment terms will be met and the Buyer will not cancel whole or part of the order.

15- The Buyer will sell the goods in the shop/s indicated in the order confirmation only and will not deliver the purchased goods to any other customers without having from Pezzol Industries srl its prior written authorisation.

16-The present order constitutes an irrevocable proposal by virtue of Art. 1329 of Civil Code.

17- Any disputes will be settled by the Court of Trani (Italy).